Quality Standards

  • No major appearance flaws such as heavy scratches or dents greater than 3mmx3mm on exposed / user facing parts of the keyboard (after installation of plate & PCB).
  • Any internal flaws not exposed to the user when assembled, such as anodizing streaks, machining marks, and scratches are acceptable, provided they do not impact the functionality of the unit. 
  • Slight anodization and finish variation between top and bottom pieces. Aluminum pieces are anodized in batches, and thus slight variation in tone and shade may occur.
  • Imperfections on exterior components not custom-produced for the keyboard, such as screws and rubber feet, which do not affect the functionality of the unit.
  • Imperfections to components which are not part of the keyboard itself upon assembly, such as packaging and included tools.
  • Brass weight patina: brass as a material tarnishes over time, you can clean it but note that it's a form of oxidation that we cannot control.